Zodiaction: For July 2012

 A syndicated column created; copy righted; and published by: Dennis Morley

July's New Moon enters the skies on the 19th at 12:24:32 a.m. in the constellation of Cancer. July's Full Moon is in its full illumination on the Fourth in Capricorn at 2:51:46 a.m. Mercury transits Direct in Leo from the first through early morning on the Fifteenth when it sojourns in Retrograde in Leo through the thirty-first. The Sun begins the month transiting within the constellation Cancer through the late night hours of the Twenty-second when it begins sojourning in the constellation of the Lion throughout the rest of the month of July. Mars begins this months sojourn Direct in the constellation of Virgo through the wee morning hours of the Fourth when it begins its travel in Libra through month's duration. Venus journeys Direct through Gemini throughout July. Jupiter transits through Gemini for the entire month of July. Saturn continues its journey through Libra for all of July. Uranus travels Direct in Aries through the very wee hours of the Thirteenth when it begins sojourning Retrograde in Aries through month's duration. Neptune transits Retrograde in Pisces throughout the entire month of July. Pluto sojourns in Retrograde within the constellation of Capricorn throughout July's entirety.


The First through the Seventh brings energies of Romantic love love and personal giving to the person your affections are directed toward. Make time to spend quality moments with your romantic partner; soon to be partner; or your spouse. Capricorns are highlighted with the Full moon in their Home sign on the Fourth. Flexibility is indicated from your behalf. Transits indicate the use of self responsibility for creating a plan for financial gain and/or growth. Seeking advice and co-planning from a professional within Financial matters is indicated. Current transits indicate this is the time to take in depth action for the creation of a new business or for your current business. Planetary transits indicate it is time to take risks by placing romantic plans (which you have been previously considering) into action prior to July Fifteenth. Venus/Mercury/Mars transits occurring throughout this week create energies which indicate a need to utilize kind; gentle; and self responsible action ( from a place of intuition ) within all of your current relationships. While current transits may add to your use of the language, Mercury retrograde from late night on the Fourteenth through this week indicates a need for you to "engage brain prior to speaking." Take time to consider coordinating your outwear with your inner self perception with the Full Mon in your home house on the Nineteenth. Consider looking within during current transits in consideration of making possible future changes when Mercury goes direct. Quiet self responsibility is indicated. Mercury continues in Retrograde making communication intense. This indicates a need to stay on top of all forms of communication. Examples: oral, written, bills, letters, e mails, etc... There is also an indication to be aware this is a time for meditation; retrospection and "going within." This is a time to make plans vs taking any brand new action and/or signing contracts. If there was action already being taken or known contracts to be sign prior to the Fourteenth previous- carry through is indicated.


The Full Moon in Capricorn which occurs during the wee morning hours of the Fourth adds to your strength and strong willed nature and capacity. You have the capability of handling this; others may not be ready for this added energy being directed towards them from you. Consider self responsibility to keep your nature of "head strength" toned down under current transits or you could find yourself standing alone and self-questioning, "what happened?" Single Leos could find added reason for this consideration; a possible romantic partner is ready to make themselves known and/or a commitment. July's second week's transits create energies which can bring calm in your personal sector via you choosing to allow them to assist you. This week's July's skies- Neptune; Mercury; and Venus transits indicate many new possibilities and opportunities within the private; romance; career; business; and public sectors. Transiting Mars could open doors to utilizing sex as a weapon; restraint from doing this via self responsibility is indicated. New partnerships can be initiated this week. Current transits indicate a time for you to take a step out of the center stage and listen to all conversations and communication going on around you- rather than having others becoming your captive audience. Current transits indicate a need to turn your attention to diet and nutrition planning. Consider growing organic fruits and vegetables. Venus in Gemini throughout this entire week suggests the following reminder: In giving love to others we actually receive it. Consideration is indicated at this time. The sun has moved into your Home Sign as of the evening of the twenty-second. This gives you the vim and vigor to move forward and to take action. Mercury in Retrograde indicates the need to do more thinking and research this week prior to taking action at the end of August's second week. Transits indicate creating a list of "new beginnings" for the upcoming year. This list is indicated to be put into place when Mercury goes direct in the latter part of August's second week.


July First through the Seventh's transits which include Mars exiting your home constellation into Libra on the Fourth through month's duration can open doors for your inner and outward eyes to see that which recently seemed "out of whack"- into balance and clarity now. This can be useful in your personal; romance; and/or in your career/business sectors in order to move forward and for actual accomplishment. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the Fourth light to that which may have been or appears to have been previously lost; hidden; or to never be again. Current transits from the eighth through July Fourteenth indicate wise thought out investments could be safe prior to the Fifteenth. Transiting Mercury indicates paying attention to all communications between others and yourself; necessary action needs to be completed prior to July Fourteenth's completion. Transits through week's end are indicating established love is in the air and romance is possible. This week's transiting Moon energizes your ability to make decisions this week. You may find the need to put off plans in all areas of your life during this entire week-your ruling planet Mercury being Retrograde during this time frame is the main indicating factor. Professional assistance or guidance in all of life's sectors is indicated this week. A pattern of postponed purchases and/or vacations may be eliminated now by putting extra money aside. Remember to keep your friends close to you and your enemies closer; this is often done by doing nice things for those who do not expect them from you. Your ruling planet remains retrograde this week. Communication; transportation; and travel could go "topsy turvy." Stay abreast of all three. Anything you own which is a means of travel could act up now. Transits indicate having anything which seems out of the ordinary looked at at the earliest possible moment and to have it corrected/fixed just as quickly. Check and double check all of your e mails this week prior to sending them. Consider reading and re-reading all e mails which come in prior to responding to them. Your "work space" is indicated here.


Planetary Transits in July's first week ( through the seventh ) indicate all modes of communication; vehicles; and transportation seem to go from reverse into forward this week around the fourth with self responsibility. The Full Moon on the Fourth illuminates a light which shines brighter within areas of romance; business; career; and your personal life.Self responsibility is indicated with current planetary transits and changes. Gentleness; flexibility; and kindness from you is indicated from current planetary transits- versus having the attitude of a "need to be right." Coming from this light can bring about positive change. This week's transiting Moon gives way to focusing its energy upon situations of the heart and the taking possible action prior to July Fourteenth. Current transits indicate your allowing others to speak their truth prior to you speaking yours. Transits indicate taking action prior to week's end with sharing your insight and validity with kindness and self responsibility. Transits indicate keeping your eyes open inwardly and to the inner self of those around you in all of sectors of life. People who are new to your life may see a new side to you under current transits with Mercury in Retrograde and Venus in Gemini this week. The Full Moon on the Nineteenth in Cancer can open the doors to new love and new beginnings in all of life's sectors. Individuality in thoughts is indicated through out this week. Action and verbalization beginning on or after August Eighth indicated. Saturn in Libra Libra opens doors to out of the home activities which you enjoy and rarely participate in. Transits indicate consideration is to be utilized at this time in all of life's sectors- personal; romance; work; career; business; and home. Transits indicate engaging in twice as much listening this week than speaking. Taking time for further investigation in all matters- especially those of travel; communication; and transportation is indicated this week. Your partner at home or at work could have a surprise for you this week. Transits indicate concealing your reaction until you know how you really feel.


July's first full week could find you in temptation to control; control; control- especially during the Full Moon on the Fourth. Mars transiting into Libra on the Fourth allows you to utilize the energies of flexibility and wisdom. You can find what you desire by making use of these energies instead of control (- which comes to you easily from your nature ). Transits indicate self responsibility in romance; personal life; finances; and career/business. Current transits indicate a need to personally handle finances; partnerships are not indicated at this time. Planetary transits July Eighth through the Fourteenth indicate communication is to be clear and precise this week. Current transits indicate doors opening in your personal and career sectors; a need to be aware of this opportunity(ies) in order to take action prior to July Fifteenth is indicated. Transits indicate a light shining on new love possibilities and a time to act in this world of possibility. The work place may find you with an advancement from the person who is authorized to do so. Transits indicate a need to use mental activity to learn what may become tools to increase your awareness during this entire week through the twenty-first. Prosperity could be an end result once Mercury goes Direct again. Longevity and intensity are both highlighted at this time with the Full Moon on the nineteenth. Keep in mind Mercury is retrograde from the fifteenth through the twenty-first through late day on the twenty-first in Leo; keeping tabs on your temper is indicated. Your nature by your sun sign is to go into your "secret world." Mercury in Retrograde indicates this is a good time to do so as long as it is for contemplation of later actions instaed of a means to control. Transits indicate this week is a time to contact a financial adviser for advise for near future investments which stand a great chance of increasing your over all future income. Action with this financial plan is indicated to be implemented when Mercury goes Direct in the latter part of the second week of August.


Transits from July First through the Seventh can find you illuminated under a Capricorn Full Moon on the Fourth creating a sense of heightened restriction and lack of flexibility. Keep fully in mind- flexibility; compatibility; compassion; and kindness have validity as you communicate and have dealings with all others in areas of romance; personal life; business; career; and finances. Mars moving into Libra on the Fourth creates energies which allows you to remove yourself from you critical nature toward others to compensation for insecurities. Self responsibility to do so is the difference between a stronger romance or no romance. Doors are wide open in order to get to the heart of the matter via utilizing direct and kind communication with those in your inner circle from July Eighth through the Fourteenth. Gentle action is indicated throughout this week. Holding back "energies of action" could lead to creating possible loss. Well thought out comments and opinions verbalized via self responsibility are indicated with everyone. You may desire placing your awareness in all of life's sectors through this entire week. Current transits focus on (mis)communication in all sectors and/or transportation. Transits indicate a need to make plans to bring your wardrobe up to date after Mercury goes direct. Show those who benefit from your services your abilities and who you are under the Cancer Full Moon on the nineteenth; their support could open the door to your upward career movement and/or prosperity towards the third week of August. Planetary transits indicate a need to communicate gently with the person you romantically love. Keeping your temper and outward criticism in check is indicated this week- both at home and in the places where your create and receive your livelihood. A romantic partner's intent is meant to be positive this week; you may perceive it to be anything but. Transits indicate when you cannot do anything less than a positive response- do nothing at all. You will be all the happier for this in the long range scheme of things. Fortune may be on your side this week. Transits indicate this is a time to reinvest versus going on a spending spree or an immediate vacation.


Transits which include the Full Moon on the Fourth in your Home sign and Pluto transiting in Capricorn indicate a need to be more flexible and to take action out of possibility from the First through the Seventh. Transiting Pluto continues to indicate your need to act out of and to genuinely appear from with in- complete honesty. Taking self responsible action within your financial sector via guidance and wisdom gained from a financial adviser along with energies created by your ruling Planet Saturn is indicated this week. Single Capricorns can find your life time romantic partner this week; flexibility; change; and listening are indicated. Pay closer attention to those around you in the career; public and/or private; sectors from the Eighth through the Fourteenth. Current transits indicate noting communication; action; and body language of others. Keep in mind everything is not a confrontation or a test. Current transiting Venus; Mercury; and Neptune, Mercury, indicate a time to act on your awareness in affairs of the home, work front, in affairs of the heart. Current transits may find you receiving a promotion or a new career. Transits indicate a time for setting goals throughout this week with Mercury Retrograde. Make plans now to become involved in new classes starting with the third to fourth week in August. Transiting Venus in Gemini and the Full Moon in Cancer on the Nineteenth could find yourself engaged in activities and/or with others outside your usual self created boundaries this week. Be flexible; kind; and gentle with Taurus persons in your world during current transits from Saturday through Sunday. Your nature to be rigid is counter indicated with the Sun moving into the constellation of Leo this week. This is a time to allow your inner light to shine and to look at the brighter sides of Life. Flexibility is indicated under this week's transits. The next four weeks is a time to plan for future events, such as travel and/or a vacation from early September through the duration of December. Transits indicate making changes at home which you have long given consideration to.


The first week of July's planetary transits ( including the illumination of the Full Moon on the Fourth in Capricorn ) indicate a need to examine all financial possibilities throughout this week under the guidance of a financial expert. A need to listen to and to strongly consider their expert advise into a financial action plan which includes the possibility of flexibility is indicated. Venus transiting Direct in Gemini opens doors to plans for a possible move in household. Mars sojourning in Libra on the Fourth indicates this move may be made with less than all of those living in the household now or alone. Self responsibility is indicated. This second week of July could find you attracted to others who would choose you as a life partner. They may invite you to join them in a permanent relationship- or they could have already done so previously. Transits indicates this is a time for you to allow your self permission to take action. Transiting Mercury indicates this week is the time to speak out in gentleness. Other planetary transits indicate speaking out with self responsibility and "in support" of others through week's duration. Creating futuristic action plans is indicated this week with Mercury Retrograde. Be sure those who need to observe your actions are in the front row for future possible gain. Your inner intense nature is combined with the romance from the energies of the full moon in Cancer on the Nineteenth, allowing you to bring new prowess with your partner ( new relationship beginnings for those who are currently single ) throughout this week. Transiting Venus in Gemini this week gives rise for flexibility Current planetary transits indicate a time for personal planning as well as meeting in and/or with groups for planning in all of Life's sectors. Aquarians who do volunteer work are pointed towards the places where they volunteer at to assist with future planning. Giving consideration towards those you are romantically involved with ( or would seek to be involved with ) is indicated with current transiting Venus. A vacation could be cancelled at the last minute- this does not indicate it cannot be rescheduled prior to year's end.


The full Moon on the Fourth in Capricorn could lead to conclusions of rigidity and possible attitude of being overly responsible throughout this week. Other planetary transits indicate the opposite; this is a time flexibility and possibility for self and all other in your sectors of romance; personal life; business; career; and finances. Mars going Direct in Libra on the Fourth and Venus and Jupiter transiting Direct in Gemini indicate mishaps within romance and other relationships over the past several weeks can now be rectified with current energies and self responsibility. Possibilities become apparent for that which seemed impossible. This week's transiting moon is strengthened by transiting Mercury and Venus- which indicate a need to take action prior to July Fifteenth in order to assist you with creating a newly desired relationship which exudes romantic love and intimacy. This is indicated for Pisces who are single. You may choose to consider utilizing your intuition with those around you prior to making choices. This week's transits indicate a potential partnership in your career and/or business sector(s) for all Pisces. Transiting Mercury Retrograde indicates a time for setting goals throughout this entire week. The Full Moon in Cancer on the Nineteenth and Venus transiting in Gemini indicate people and situations where communication is paramount at this time. A futuristic romantic partner could out of these transits around the last week of August. Transits indicate a need to hold back from saying anything which could cause pain; discomfort; or distress within those person(s) around you or within your inner circle. Planetary transits indicate all criticism this week is to be considered instead of taking action upon it. Mercury Retrograde indicates a times for making future plans with your your partner at home and your colleagues in your work environment. Follow up plans could be indicated as well. A surge of energy to get out and take part in your social life is coming from current transits; balance is indicated. Making good on previous purchases which are less than effective is indicated this week.


Transits occurring July First through the Seventh ( which includes the Full Moon in Capricorn and Mercury moving into Libra on the Fourth indicate a feeling of stability and/or that of being well balanced. Communication at levels seems to have more clarity now- from self to others and from others to self. Your romance sector is less foggy now and recent miscommunications can be changed into mutual understanding under current planetary transits. Current transits could lead to intense comments and/or "deep from within" questions from those who express love towards you. Being forthright is indicated. Current lunar transits from the Eighth through the Fourteenth could place you in you in the right place at the right time. It is you who makes the decision to utilize self responsibility upon recognizing opportunity and then to take action under this energy. Current transits indicate a need to consider all conversations and actions between your partner(s) and self. Energies created by current transits allow you to know "what is valid and what is illusion." Proceed without criticism this entire week. The Cancer full moon on the Nineteenth gives rise to energies which can soothe your need to take action throughout this week with Mercury Retrograde in Leo. This Full Moon could create a sense and/or illusion of rosy colored glasses. This moon also brings with it the appearance of wild phlox, which are some of Summer's elegant and sweetly fragrance flowers. Taking time to smell the flowers is indicated during this weeks transits which indicate planning and low to no new activities or contract signing. Venus in Gemini continues to feed and fuel your romantic flames. Transits indicate spending romantic evenings at home. For those who have a vacation home- romantic moments with your romantic partner can be spent here during or throughout the week. Planetary transits indicate this is a time to balance your check book and all other finances vs making other unnecessary expenditures and/or loans to others. Investing and investment planning is indicated.


Transits occurring July First through the seventh indicate a need for mutual communications between yourself and all others. Quiet observations of other people's reactions are indicated now with complete self responsibility without making any outward disclosures. July Fourth finds the Full Moon in Capricorn; Mercury transiting into Libra; and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces; seeking the advice of a financial expert is indicated in business; career; personal; and romance sectors. A romantic relationship- current or new- is indicated to be highlighted in the forefront; think prior to acting and/or speaking. A Moon Child could be in your spotlight. For those single persons under this Sun sign seeking your soul mate- current transits indicate a willingness; self responsibility; and an openness to take action when they appear or reappear this week. Transits indicate keeping your eyes open through week's end( July Eighth through the Fourteenth ). Transits indicate being aware of your self responsibility and possible consequences. This depends how you handle what your inquisitive mind discovers and the action you do or do not take. Consider the need for play under the illumination of the Cancer Full Moon on the Nineteenth and rest throughout this week with Mercury Retrograde and Mars in Libra indicating a need for balance. Transits indicate placing your energies in situations where restful play can occur instead of placing a great number of extra hours into your career and/or job. The beginning of the week could find you dealing in all matters of communication. The second half of the week indicates flexibility and possible compromise. Transits indicate this is a time to make plans for any necessary follow up within your personal; home; romance; work; career; and/or business sectors. Actions to these plans can be taken during the last two weeks of August. Transits also indicate meeting with any person(s) you share financial accounts with to review all expenditures and financial balances. Creating goal plans to update any and all futuristic spending activity ( or lack there of ) is indicated under current transits.


Your Gemini nature is balanced from the First through the Seventh with this month's Full Moon in the constellation of Capricorn on the Fourth. Mars moving into Libra on the Fourth indicates utilizing self responsibility to make choices to use words of kindness and gentleness within romance; personal; financial; business; and career sectors. Single Gemini's could find romantic love on the Third through the Fifth. Single Leos; Aries; and Aquarius persons are indicated. Vulnerability is indicated. Communication and insight are strengthened with Venus and Jupiter traveling Direct in your Home sign. Transits indicate your outer and inner eyes may see the environment around you in full view from the Eighth through the Fourteenth. Transiting Moon and Mercury indicate a time to search and take action prior to week's end to manifest and act upon your life's deepest desire(s). Current transits indicate leading self to clarity from week's beginning through out its final second. Transits indicate utilizing their energies and self responsibility in order to create positive possibilities and reality. Remember- with your ruling planet Mercury in Retrograde- it is up to us to recognize opportunity when it comes our way. Keep your eyes open with clarity from the Seventeenth through the Twentieth with the illumination of the Full Moon on the Nineteenth. Create a list(s) this week under current transits which indicate possibilities for dreams; prayers answered; and/or wishes you desire to manifest into your reality after Mercury goes Direct and it is beyond its Retrograde shadow. Your Ruling Planet is currently Retrograde indicating a need to take a back seat from action and to review all of Life's current sectors which are are involved within. This can be done via retrospection; contemplation; and/or meditation. Venus in Your Home sign indicates this is a good time to review your romance sector. Geminis who are currently in a romantic relationship- this is a time to take a good look at the areas where romance can be improved upon from your part. Single Gemini are indicated to take this time to make plans to allow another to walk beside them.

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