Dennis requires to hear your voice through out the reading in order to remain connected. When you nod your head up and down or shake your head back and forth; Dennis can become disconnected from the reading. If you have a question during your reading and is Dennis talking- wait for a pause- then quietly say, "I have a question," and then gently ask Dennis the question you have when Dennis gives you the okay.

The more specific and intricate the question; the more specific and intricate the answer(s).

When Dennis does not receive any thing and/or an answer-Dennis will tell you he is receiving nothing; nothing is coming through; or the person on the Spirit Side of life is not appearing.

A timer is used to notify you the reading is completed- you will then have time to ask Dennis two brief' specific questions- IE: Is my son ----'s education leading him to college? "Please tell me about my children?"- is not a single question; it is also not specific.

When Dennis asks you a question- it is to verify the information is accurate and/or he is with you and/or you understand what is coming through.

Dennis is not a Doctor and can not diagnose or prognoses.

Even though Dennis appears to be looking at you and/or around the room during the reading- Dennis is looking at the spirit(s) present and looking at what is being shown to him and/or listening to what is being said to him. Dennis may also be looking; feeling; seeing; hearing what he is psychically picking up.

Cassette recordings are an extra offered by Dennis- due to the energies in the room-Dennis does not guarantee a recording will occur or the quality of the recording.

Think about what is being said later(you will have plenty of time to do so then)- do not use your reading time up for this. You will often times remember what and/or who Dennis was talking about after your reading- or this situation and/or person may be coming into your life in the future. Re-listen to the tape every six months to three plus years may be amazed later with the awesome accuracy.

All readings can be changed by your making new choice(s). Once You use your free will to make new choices- You change the reading which You had. The actual reading is one part of the reading/reading outcome...choosing to follow or not to follow what is suggested in the reading by means of Your own free will then assist You to bring about its outcome and/or to prevent its occurence.

Please remember Dennis is on a schedule and has other appointments directly following your session.

If you desire to set up a Reading Party and/or other readings with Dennis please tell him at the end of your reading.

For Entertainment Purposes Only!

It does not matter where love goes; As long as love flows...
This is Creativity Unlimited!

Love in Action...Dennis!